Is Buying A Backlink A Great Way To Rank A Better?

Does the purchase of a link really affect the SEO site? If you are a high quality and strong linker, be sure to make a direct impact on improving your site's SEO, even if it's money! Obviously buying a backlinks can also have a great impact on your site's SEO, but not every link! Backlink type is very important. For example, buying a link from a zip download site is not beneficial to text ads that has any or no effect. Or, for example, buying a link from a site that has nothing to do with your site is not at all the right thing. Such backlinks do not have any effect on improving your site's SEO! But in the future, the ranking of your site will also be down. Does the purchase of a backlink cause the site to be penalized? The answer is yes or no. Depending on the type of backlinks. Depending on where you buy from the links. Depending on the number of back links. Depending on whether it is a link to buy content or as a keyword linked to thousands of sites? In general, Google does not agree to buy backlinks! Because, as you know, Google looks at the links in their eyes. That means the credibility of a site is calculated by the number of links given to it. Well, if Google understands that the links are abnormal, they will surely deal with the site and penalize it. Example: If your site is old and there are a number of backlinks in the past, then by buying a link to a small number (e.g., five adverts). If the content and its internal links varies in each reportage, then Google will not notice buying a backlinks. Do not be! This is just one example I hope you've noticed. But if the number of links is high and they are made in the least amount of time and, most importantly, are of a quality (from the point of view of the high domain name and type of link) as well as for one or two keywords. Of course, Google will find that the link Have been purchased. Unfortunately, many of the friends who are new to their site are buying links, and at the very beginning they make their site never reach its true position in search results. Generally, the link to buying a site that is poorly linked to the content and the link is wrong. Buying a backlink by a professional and expert will never penalize your site. As I said, it has a link to the purchase of its own principles and rules, and you must give it to an expert. What are the quality bugs? Generally, there are quality links that are firstly taken from sites linked to your site, domestically crafted from Domino Auritius sites and content. What is important for Google is what are the terms within your link? Whether or not they are related to your field of work! The best link for you is a back-up link that is made to publish content on other sites. The same is the reprint of advertisements that have been used by many sites over the years to improve their ranking in search results. Backlinks that are linked to a word or keyword on a site's sidebar, such as links to friends or text ads, are not good at all, though they have been taken from large sites like Zune. Buying this kind of links not only does not help improve your site's ranking in search results, but also makes it a lot of poor quality links for your site. Because contextual backlinks will certainly be placed on all pages of the site. Because the load sidebar and the link section of friends are fixed on all pages. Many friends of this link model are linking to blogging services for their site, which is a very bad thing. This will create a link farm and may put your site in jeopardy! I propose how to create quality link backlinks for our site? Do not Buy Monthly Links! Links should be permanent. If you want to pay for the link, it is better to buy a link that is permanent. Be sure to check spam scrum of the backlinks site before buying a link. Never buy bulk links in bulk or within a short time! Do not buy a link for a single keyword! Try to include more keywords in buying links. Try to get links to articles, categories and more for the inner pages of your site, and do not just link to the home page. If you repurchase the ad purchase, try to comment on it and share it so that the power of your re-sale page on that site goes up. You need to be sure of whoever links to him. For example, if you want your links to be registered within 10 sites within a month, it should be the same, not all the links are registered one day. Where to buy quality link? If you search for the word "buy backlinks" in Google, you will see many sites that sell backlinks. A series of these sites are completely yellow and sells massively backlinks. Usually these sites will link back to the same bulk in one day. Most of these sites work with interactive blogging systems.

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