Top 5 Strategies To Rank Your Google+ Local Listing On First Page

2 months agoInternet marketing is one of the most important Promotion tool now a days. Everyone is using google, google search for searching and for promotion purpose, be it you have small or large business. Its not like others are not optimizing their business but if you work a little smart than your competitors, there are better chances your business will rank high on first page of Google. So how to be smarter than your competitor? Here I am going to reveal top 5 strategies that you can use to rank your business listing & secured your top spot permanently. I have used these techniques with many of my clients & most of them enjoying a boost in their business. Just follow my top 5 strategies which if you follow will bring your listing on the top of Google places. This is one of the important criteria. You can check the progress on the right side of the page & make it 100% complete. Local is the best way to promote your business in the market. Here are some of the mistakes people make while filling up the details. Don’t use the same phone number & address as in their website. Use free email instead of their business email which includes their website domain. Use their primary keyword in the company field. You can add up to 5 categories so utilize all of them. Many people don’t utilize all of 5 to insert their business keywords. Use either 1 image or video or not at all. You can upload up to 5 videos & 10 images. So use as many as you can. So avoiding these mistakes will make sure you have a fair chance to rank on the top. You can also create some offers and provide discount coupons to your online customers. A KML file (Keyhole Markup language) file is a file that gives Google the exact location of a place such as your business. You can create KML files to pinpoint locations, add image overlays, and expose rich data in new ways. This is one of the best way to optimize your listing. Not many people use KML file so you have the advantage over your competitors to be on the top by creating a KML file. What may be better than this if your customer gives some outstanding reviews about your business. Not only it helps Google to decide how good your product & service is, it also help people to decide what you are providing. If they really love your service, they will definitely take some time to give you reviews. Don’t try to get fake reviews for your listing as Google can detect this & suspend your account. Many people do that by buying fake reviews from Fiverr or other places & get on the top but that is not always the case. Instead try to improve your products so that you will get the genuine reviews from the satisfied customers. Its one of the powerful signal that Google sees to bring your listing on the top. link bulding service sees they are already indexed, they push your listing on the top. Apart from getting citations from other local sites & review sites, its more powerful to get citation from Google Places & Maps. There are few Fiverr sellers who provide these services. After trying their Gigs, I have found a confirmed boost a ranking. While creating a citation, make sure company name, phone no. & address is same on all places. Now get involved in some SEO. Yes, it plays an equal role as other factors in deciding your rank on Google. Try to get quality backlinks for your business website. So if you think, getting on the top of Google will generate you good business than you can follow these 5 strategies. This will help you to achieve the top position even if their is high competition.

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